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A Baby Shower Alternative: Blessingways

You’ve received the wonderful news that a baby is on the way. It is your first (or second, or third) child and excitement abounds in the household and through your circle of friends. Since you are well loved, many people wish to through you a celebration of sorts. Traditionally baby showers are given for the [...]

How Being a Natural Mom Saves You Thousands

Making natural choices in parenting can really save you money. We’ve all heard the staggering statistics of what it costs to raise a baby in these times. But did you know that making smarter choices not only saves you money, it is also healthier for your baby!
Breastfeeding saves money…BIG TIME
Not only is breastfeeding best for [...]

Itzbeen Review from Hip Chick

The Itzbeen is really awesome! Yup! I’m not the type of blogger who gets free “stuff” in return for a great review!
I really want to show you the best maternity and baby products out there!
This is one of those products that I HAD TO SHARE!
I recently visited a great friend and her newborn baby. I [...]

Bringing Home Baby

Bringing your new baby home is an exciting day. It is one rich with joy and also thick with precaution.
There are a lot of things to worry about when you prepare to bring your new baby home. Many first
time parents will worry themselves over a multitude of factors based solely on the fact that this [...]

Watch Me Change – Pregnancy App Review

Aside from being a childbirth advocate, I am also a techie at heart!
I love finding unique apps and resources for my readers. This app, from MJH apps is one of those hit you over the head ideas that I wish I would have had. What it is, is an app that gives you an opportunity [...]

Does Music Affect Fetus Development

A Fetal Concert: Does Music Affect Fetus Development


There has been a lot of discussion on the topic of playing music for a developing fetus
while in the womb. Products have even been made to make it easier to put on the concert
for your unborn child. The “Mozart Effect” was a popular belief that playing Mozart [...]