Your Birth Story, and why you need one

Yeah, you need to write down your birth story.

Trust me.

My six year old and my 4 year old love hearing about their birthdays. They’ve both memorized each other’s birth stories also. Sometimes I’ll remember more details and they’re more than thrilled to hear every minute detail.

Writing your birth story is not only an amazing gift to yourself, it really means a lot to your kids for them to hear about their special day too.

Back in my day, ha, embarrassed to say that video cameras were something only the really privileged had. There are a handful of pictures of me and my brother when we were young.

Fast forward to the Y2K. I have a library of DVD’s with pictures of my kids. Pictures of her first hand motion, photos of her first smile, photos of her first tooth,,,, you get the idea as I’m sure you already are guilty of this or you will be.

Our children’s generation will be able to see most of their lives documented.

Even though this is true, you should document  the story of their arrival. The excitement growing, your belly growing and unfortunately, with lack of sleep, your sanity and memory disappearing! Protecting your memories is something you’ll be glad you did.

When writing your birth story, keep these tips in mind13 tips to writing your birth story

  • Include names that you were considering
  • take note of the day and time your labor started and day of the week
  • record your current address
  • take a photo of your birthing room (and the building if applicable)
  • include the names of your birth assistants, doula’s, nurses that helped you
  • try to include if and when you remember losing your mucous plug
  • include partners comments that stick with you
  • try to explain the moment you touched your baby for the first time
  • remember the first comments you made
  • remember the first comments your partner made
  • describe how the baby smelled
  • try to remember how long you pushed
  • try to remember each detail as it happened

Hopefully by reading this post before your birth, you’ll have some of these points filed away in your brain.

It’s a good idea to write your birth story as soon as you possibly can. Many details will fade much faster than you’d like.

photo credit playingwithbrushes