Baby Tales

Hello! My name is Heather and I am NOT an organized mom.
Thankfully, Baby Tales has come to my rescue!
If you are not the kind of Mom who has hours of time to spare to “fill in the blanks” of a traditional “baby book,” here’s a beautiful solution that allows you to celebrate your little one’s triumphs but still keep your sanity!
It’s apparent from its expert design that Baby Tales was inspired by the longings of parents who were tired of watching their children’s milestones pass by without adequate celebration and recording. As any mom call tell you, we’ve all been there: As life goes on and hours and days fly by, we have good intentions but aren’t always as diligent as keeping track of baby’s “firsts” as we should! On a personal note, I know this to be true because I am pregnant with baby No. 3 right now – and I’m so glad to have this product! After chasing after a pre-schooler (and keeping an eye on a toddler, too!), I am certain that Baby Tales will enable me to keep track of my newest baby’s firsts with absolute ease.
This unique product is very “use-able.” Baby Tales comes in an ultra-cute, boutique-type packaging. Inside, you get a very handy (and durable!) clear plastic “mini file cabinet” complete with tabs to file each of the included notecards. This handy system eases your organizing so that you can keep track of your child’s milestones and simply “file” them by month. Elegant yet simplified, Baby Tales is an ingenious and heaven-sent gift for Moms like me.
With Baby Tales, you’ll purge any guilt you harbor for NOT keeping the baby book and daily journal that the “Super Mommy” in your mothers’ group always brags about. The keep-it-simple philosophy of this product allows you to note a milestone and then – when the time is right for you – enables you to transfer your information effortlessly to the scrapbook or baby book in a breeze!
The creator of Tiny-Tales, Lara Frankovitch, must have felt the same way I did about acknowledging the significant milestones of childhood – but she did something about it! In her quest for the “perfect” baby book, she has created a perfect tool to organize and arrange all your memories worth preserving. Celebrate those first moments of your own pregnancy, and cherish your baby’s turning-point experiences, through this inventive product. Here’s an item that is definitely in demand! Thanks, Lara! Visit Tiny Tales today!