I’m really intrigued by this topic?

I come from a small town, where most people I know did not breastfeed, and many of them also chose to circumcise their sons.
Actually? I didn’t know anyone who breastfed and never saw an uncircumcised penis? ( on a baby or a grown man)

My aim here is not to make judgements, although I do believe in breastfeeding and keeping our sons intact. I’m trying to find a correlation between the two choices.

This brought me to the question of how related is breastfeeding and circumcision? Many women who breastfeed know the benefits of nursing. They realize there are studies upon studies promoting the health benefits of nursing. Breastfeeding moms push through pain, sleepless nights, forgoing medications, pumping at work, increased caloric intake, and never being able to leave your child for more than a few hrs unless you pump.  This to me seems like a ton of dedication and soul searching. ( not to say that formula feeding moms, or moms who can’t medically nurse don’t go through many of those also, but for this post I am looking at the challenges breastfeeding brings)  So, making the decision to breastfeed, is not one taken lightly.

That brings me to the comparison of Mom’s who choose circumcision.

  • Is there a connection?
  • Are Mom’s who choose to nurse, more likely to skip circumcision?
  • Is the same research and soul searching done for circumcision as it is done for nursing?
  • Do other factors come into play?
  • Is it more of a social pressure?
  • Is breastfeeding more accepted in social circles than circumcision?
  • Is keeping your son intact just a fad waiting to be emerge?
  • Is it a lack of education and facts?

breastfeeding vs circumcisionI ask these questions because the same factors of choosing breastfeeding feels like the same decisions for circumcising?  The best for our babies, keeping our babies safe from harm, Minimizing risks, increasing bonding, and more!

Do mom’s who choose not to breastfeed rely on the advice of family members? Are those family members ones that also urge the mom not to circumcise for the same reasons? This is a likely reason because our families are one of our greatest sources of information. We get our parenting habits from our parents, we get our values from our parents. And those family members are more likely to recommend their own choices. Citing that they’ve been okay with their decisions.  That they turned out okay?  Spanking is another trait we may have gotten from family traditions. But that’s another blog post 🙂

Or is circumcision mainly the father’s choice?  And is not breastfeeding sometimes the father’s choice?

I’ve found so many reasons NOT to circumcise.  Medical evidence. While I was pregnant, I had just assumed that if it was a boy, that I would circ him. It’s what my family did. Period.  Then my OB asked me if it was a boy, would we want to have it done. I just looked at her blankly, and she went on to say that it was a personal decision, but there was no medical reason to do it. That’s all I needed to hear before I started doing research.

Is that all it takes? A spark to ignite research?  A family friend? An online article?

Yes, it is a personal decision. One that you can make. (One that your son will never get to make unfortunately.)  But, yep, it is personal.  And for some, it’s religious.  That’s personal too,, but many are questioning that also.

So, if you find enough evidence to do it. Then you’ll feel more comfortable with your decision. Same for nursing, when you find the evidence that formula is better than breast-milk, then  you’ll fee more comfortable with that decision also. Thank goodness we have formula for those who cannot or decide not to breastfeed.

And we also have surgery for those who think that appearance is a reason to circ. Or so that their penis can look like their Dad’s penis.  Those are medically supported? Right?