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A Baby Shower Alternative: Blessingways

You’ve received the wonderful news that a baby is on the way. It is your first (or second, or third) child and excitement abounds in the household and through your circle of friends. Since you are well loved, many people wish to through you a celebration of sorts. Traditionally baby showers are given for the expectant mother-to-be. An amazing alternative that focuses less on commercial items for the baby and more on the spiritual well-being of the mother is the Blessingway. Originally a sacred ritual given to us by the Native American Navajo Tribe, the Blessingway has branched off...

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How Being a Natural Mom Saves You Thousands

Making natural choices in parenting can really save you money. We’ve all heard the staggering statistics of what it costs to raise a baby in these times. But did you know that making smarter choices not only saves you money, it is also healthier for your baby! Breastfeeding saves money…BIG TIME Not only is breastfeeding best for your baby, it also can take a huge chunk out of your wallet! I had no idea just how expensive baby formula really is! You can use a cheaper formula if you must, but the good stuff can be almost 90 bucks...

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Itzbeen Review from Hip Chick

The Itzbeen is really awesome! Yup! I’m not the type of blogger who gets free “stuff” in return for a great review! I really want to show you the best maternity and baby products out there! This is one of those products that I HAD TO SHARE! I recently visited a great friend and her newborn baby. I saw this nifty little contraption and just had to learn more! Here are my thoughts as to why it was created! short term memory loss due to sleep deprivation confustion due to sleep deprivation cloudy head due to sleep deprivation scatter-brains...

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Birth Story Sarah

This is the story of how our daughter Sarah Grace arrived into the world. The first signs of strong contractions started on Wednesday the 15th of December. I wasn’t due until the 30th… Believe it or not, I was having a pedicure at the time. A gal’s gotta have pretty toes before she delivers her baby, right? After my pedicure, I could barely get off of the chair. It was right then and there I belive that she “dropped”. I had also had some slight bleeding, but I had had an internal exam earlier at the doctor’s office. I...

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Pregnancy and Car Sickness

There are a lot of changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. Some of the changes actually stop you from doing the things you love and things you need to do. Riding in the car is one of those things that shouldn’t be affected, unfortunately is. Motion sickness, especially car sickness, is one of the side effects of pregnancy that affects your everyday life and chores. From doctor’s appointments to shopping, pregnancy is a busy time and most women can’t afford to let the discomfort of car sickness stop them from living. Morning sickness is believed to disappear...

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