Baby’s Home…what now? Baby’s Home…what now? Answers that question! As new parents, trying to learn all you can about this new little bundle that is basically just crying, peeing and sleeping. This DVD is like sitting down and having a one on one coverstaion with experts. Questions range from, what is colic? To what you really need to have when baby comes home. Here is the chapter list to give you a better idea:

  • What you really need
  • Surviving the first days
  • Nursing and feeding
  • Sleepless nights
  • General baby care
  • FAQ
  • Body, Hormones, Intimacy
  • One last word
  • baby's home what nowI like the candid and honest converesation about what to expect. From acne, to changing a diaper, I know that many new parent questions will be answered. Many new parents are alwasy given advice from friends and family. By viewing this DVD, you may get your questions anwered without having to sit through an hour of your friends’ baby stories :-) Of course, you need to take this advice as just advice and not medical care. The types of experts involved in this DVD are a postpartum consultant, a nurse practitioner, a pediatrician an OB/GYN and a sex therapist. Don’t we all with we had access to folks like this? Now if only they can come over during those first few days! While this is only an informational DVD, this is not medical advice. One section that raised my eyebrows was the first section about responding to a baby’s cry. They say that you don’t need to IMMEDIATELY respond. Well, like the one expert said, “if you are carrying something, please continue to do so” But I felt really un-easy about the advice that says to let them fuss. In my book, there is a thin line between letting your child fuss and not tending to a crying baby. I feel all newborns need “tended” to right away. This does not spoil them and most of the time, it may be nothing, but they need to know you are nearby to comfort them. This DVD is available here and I also urge you to visit their Facebook page for great information and advice.