Why babywearing is what is best for you and baby!

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There’s a new mothering strategy you might have seen. Instead of relegating their children to clumsy, distant strollers, women are babywearingwearing their babies. Simple slings and custom baby carriers allow your child to feel comforted and close to you, while leaving your hands free. This means you can bond with your child at home, while traveling, and anywhere you go. Baby carriers are easy to use, washable, and give comfort to the baby. On top of all that, you can get a baby carrier or sling to suit your personality. If you’ve never thought about babywearing, consider the following.

Babies are the most content when they’re being carried. Just being around mom makes an infant happy and feel comforted. This is something that generations of parents have known throughout time, but that we somehow forgot. Throughout the world, parents have carried their little ones in fabric slings that allow their needs to be attended to while getting everything done. You can carry your child for many hours a day, and only put him or her down to sleep periodically. Children who experience more of the world learn more quickly and can satisfy their natural curiosity while clinging safely to a parent. And babywearing isn’t just for mom – fathers can wear their children just as well.

Studies show that carrying and wearing infants reduces crying and promotes attachment. In our society, babies have been viewed as passive objects for a long time. Mothers have little direct contact with their infants. We put them down to sleep, or let them lie in a crib, and only pick them up when they cry. When we change this strategy and use a baby carrier, we increase their attachment to us. Early bonding is important to infant emotional development, and babywearing promotes a strong bond between parent and child. Even our society has long known about the soothing effects produced by rocking and carrying, but it has taken a long time to put things together and realize the benefits of babywearing.

Criticisms directed at babywearing include the question of whether constant carrying can hurt the child’s spine, and whether an infant in a baby carrier gets enough air. Two German studies suggest that neither of these harmful effects occur when a baby carrier is used. Infants who were carried daily in various positions, some from the first week of life, showed no more spinal abnormalities than infants who were treated conventionally. It’s actually better to start carrying early, so that you can get used to the weight of your baby. Another study showed that infants who were carried, whether horizontally or vertically, had no clinically significant changes in breathing and oxygen intake when compared to babies lying in a stroller. Babywearing is safe for your child.

Premature babies can especially benefit from contact with their mother’s skin. This is called Kangaroo Care, and it lowers a baby’s oxygen requirements, stabilizes heart rates, and gives both mother and child a chance to bond and feel peace. Premature babies especially benefit from hearing their mom’s heartbeat. Many more hospitals are beginning to allow this kind of baby carrying, as the benefits are better known.

To start babywearing today, try making a sling out of a length of fabric, and see how your child responds to it. You can also find a wide variety of cute and hip baby carrier styles to reflect your personality. Carrying a baby doesn’t have to keep you at home anymore – you can bond with your child on the go. Experiment with different positions to find the one that best supports and comforts your baby. Before your infant can hold up his or her head alone, it’s important to make sure that your sling will cradle the neck, the same way your arms would. Keep very young infants supported horizontally to reduce spinal stress. Older babies can be allowed to sit up in a carrier as long as their bodies are fully supported. Baby carriers are convenient and easy. If they get dirty, they can easily be washed, and they allow for comfortable and accessible breastfeeding. Most moms find sling styles more comfortable than backpacks, and they’re simpler to wear, too. Help your baby learn and bond with you by using a baby carrier. Babywearing is a wonderful way to expand your child’s experience without feeling trapped at home. It’s simple and fun to join the growing number of parents who are enjoying wearing their little ones, at home and wherever they may go.