Bebe Belay

The Bebe Belay is one of those unique baby accessories that you didn’t know you need. Take my advice and put this neat little gadget in your purse and never take it out! Better yet, keep one for home and one for your diaper bag or purse. The Bebe Belay arrived in adorable packaging that would fit nicely in any top of the line boutique. Presentation was superb! There are several uses for this accessory, I used mine three times in that one trip. I used it to hold on to my son’s pacifier in the car seat. Several of the paci holders I’ve used were either too heavy and pulled his paci out, or they didn’t attach easily and he pulled it out. This is neither of the two, it’s perfect weight is great for this use. I met my aunt for lunch and wanted to use it as a bib holder. I pulled out my Bebe Belay and attached the cloth napkin to it and then to my son and it worked out perfect. This actually works better for a bib because it’s very largeand caught all the food and teething biscuit crumbs. And the best part was, I didn’t have to take it home and wash it. A bib on the GO! What a great idea! And then I traveled to Target and used the Bebe Belay to attach my son’s teething toy to his cart cover. This was very convenient because I didn’t spend the shopping trip playing “pick up my toy” over and over. Like I said, this is the neat little gadget that you never realized how much you need it. This is also unique because it is safe. If two or more pounds of pressure is applied. Lots of thought and testing has gone into this Bebe Belay. The outcome is a one of a kind unique and useful product that I highly recommend.