Birth Center and Birth Center Statistics

Birthing Center Statistics

Women who choose birth centers for delivery have already made the decision for a natural childbirth experience. These centers offer a more “home like” feel as opposed to, how some women put it “clinical feel” of the hospital. Birth centers provide an option that is more centered around family and gives the laboring Mom more choices about how she wants her labor to proceed. Freedom of movement, a comfortable environment and not being moved from room to room is appealing to some Moms. Most likely a midwife will be present, and some have an OB on call for special situations. Please check with your local center.

  • Comfortable environment
  • No IV, enema’s, or episiotomies
  • Monitoring with a handheld device as opposed to having to sit in bed to be monitored
  • Mom feels more sense of control over her labor
  • No epidural
  • C-section rate is lower in birth center
  • Mom chooses who she wants present
  • Freedom of movement
  • no separation of mother and baby

Statistics of a Birth Center

    The following is an example of some statistics from a center in Holladay Utah, Birth and Family Place….. Safety of a Birth Center Birth: The Birth and Family Place has been open since May of 2002 and the following statistics are a compilation of all admissions since opening.

  • 88% of all admitted clients successfully delivered at the birth center
  • 11.7% of admitted patients were transferred to the hospital during labor
  • Overall C-section rate is 3.6%
  • 2% of patients were transferred to the hospital after the birth
  • 1.5% of newborns were transferred to the hospital
  • 0% Maternal Mortality Rate
  • 0% Fetal Mortality Rate
  • 0% Neonatal Mortality Rate

By result of our anonymous client satisfaction surveys, 100% of the patients stated they would refer friends and family to Birth and Family Place

This is just a sample of some of the statistics of a birthing center for your information… Please fully investigate and ask around to other patients of that center about their birth experience. Some people don’t realize that most of these centers are covered under many insurance plans. Here is a great site for more information on birthing centers

If you have made the decision to use a birth center, this is most likely where you will receive your prenatal care. You will most likely be cared for by a midwife. Midwives who care for mothers in the birthing center are focused on providing the mother with lots of support for her natural childbirth experience.