logan's birth storyI was one of the many, planning and hoping for the perfect birth. I was seeing a midwife. Here, we do what is called “centering” where several women who are all due at the same time, meet together for their appointments, and we have a class. I still had almost 6 weeks to go,

I had the van packed, and we got down the road, and realized we had a flat tire!
and that day’s class was on water breaking. I had a full day – teaching piano lessons and recital, Dr. appointment, and grocery shopping. After all that, I went home, and took a nice long shower. Noticing some slight abdominal pain, I lay down in the tub and let the water pour over my tummy. No sooner had I dried off when my water broke! (8:30 p.m.) I called my midwife, (my contractions began at 2 1/2 minutes apart) and then my hubby…he didn’t believe me! (He thought I was peeing on myself!) I told him not to rush, but to come as soon as he could…it was close to 10 before he got home. I had the vanbirth storypacked, and we got down the road, and realized we had a flat tire! We turned around, and I had to climb up in his truck! After nearly 30 minutes, we got to the hospital, and my water was running leaving puddles in E.R. even with a towel between my legs! 🙂
I was 4 cm dilated, and 80% when I arrived, and when they checked me at 1:00 a.m., I was 7 cm. Since I was sick at my stomach, they gave me meds for that, and I dozed. No one thought I would actually give birth until later in the morning, but a little before 2:00, I woke up screaming that I had to push! They all came running, and after about five minutes of pushing, at 2:00 a.m. my 4 lb, 4 oz firstborn, a precious boy, was in the world!! Daddy was too squeamish to cut the cord, so I had the honors! He had to stay about 2 1/2 weeks in N.I.C.U., but today, at almost a year old, he is perfectly normal!

Well, that’s my story! Hope you enjoyed!