natural birth storyThis is the story of how our daughter Sarah Grace arrived into the world.

The first signs of strong contractions started on Wednesday the 15th of December. I wasn’t due until the 30th… Believe it or not, I was having a pedicure at the time. A gal’s gotta have pretty toes before she delivers her baby, right? After my pedicure, I could barely get off of the chair. It was right then and there I belive that she “dropped”. I had also had some slight bleeding, but I had had an internal exam earlier at the doctor’s office. I called Daddy on the way home from my pedicure because he was on a trip and was in West Palm Beach. I told him I was nervous, and I wanted him to come home. He got home about 5 hours later. And of course, the pain stopped. I was having these severe labor pains like that for the next few days, only for a few hours every evening. It was finally Sataurday night about 1am when the contractions woke me up from my sleep. They were pretty regular then, about 4 min apart.

So, as they kept on, they felt to me like really strong gas pains. The funny thing was, when the contraction was over, I felt totally normal, it was like you get your body taken over for about 30 seconds and then you get it back, but you know it’s going to come again in a few minutes. Thinking that this was it, we packed up and headed to the hospital, only to find I was only 1 cm dilated! WHAT? Only one centimeter! You have GOT to be kidding me, I am sure I am ready to have this little one! OK, then I was ready to go back home, I know that staying there would be detrimental to me having a natural childbirth. I just wanted to go home right then and there and I was totally embarrassed! They asked me to stay an hour and walk and see if there were any changes, so we did. The typical pregnant woman walking the halls and leaning on her husband when she got a contraction. OK, enough of this, lets go home!

Back at home, my husband and mother in law, had a plan for me. My husband drew me a bath and my mom and I walked the parking lot. The contractions were continuing and they were pretty regular and pretty strong. I tried to rest, but the pain was just too much, I was moving around and trying to find a comfortable position, but there just wasn’t one. The bath was nice, it was relaxing, and I would do that again in this situation, but I think the best rememdy for me was getting in the shower. The distraction of the water was a great pain killer for me, I didn’t want to get out.

As the day is progressing, and the contractions are steady and regular, I am trying to walk and drink water and snack when I could. Then about 6 pm there wasn’t much of a break between them as I’ve had most of the day. It seemed they were coming right after the other. It was then my mom said we should head on back to the hospital. As she said that, I felt my water break. I didn’t really feel a pop, I just felt a wetness. OK, that means this is it for real, off we go. I sat in the back seat barking at my lovely husband not to hit every bump in the road. And he and my mom were teasing me that “yeah, this is it, she’s lost her sense of humor” It was a treacherous 45-50 min ride to the hospital. With every contraction I was feeling the urge to push, and I think my body was actually pushing,it was painful NOT to push. And, I wouldn’t say I was actively pushing, it was just a little as I call it “bear down” Every time I did this “bearing down” a little more water was leaking. Thank goodness for giant super pads!

Upon arrival at the hospital, the contractions was almost constant. I was put in the room, and checked and they said I was 6cm, but I know for a fact I was a full 10 and ready to push. The nurse had told us she “wasn’t too good at checking these things” UG!! When the urge to push got more severe, she finally called my doctor, when she arrived, she said, “yep, your fully dilated, go ahead and start pushing, even though I was already bearing down a bit with each contraction.

The pushing wasn’t hard for me, it was actually great, because when I started fully pushing, the contraction pain actually went away. I remember asking why the pain was gone? I pushed and finally got to see her crown, I got to see all her dark hair. I didn’t want to stop pushing because I wanted to see my baby. I remember them telling me to only push with a contraction, but I wasn’t feeling them, I kept pushing, and I do remember the burning feeling as I was being stretched, but nothing severe. I was just so excited to see her head in the mirror. few more pushes and there she was, her head was out, and the doc felt a cord around her neck. She calmly unwrapped the cord and told me to keep pushing, she then let my husband reach down and deliver the rest of her. Right after she came out, she was handed to me and I was the one who announced the sex, My little girl!

I loved being able to have her on my chest right away. I’ll never forget how she felt, a little slippery and very warm, and she smelled like the ocean. There is no other smell than the smell of a newborn baby. I wanted to keep that smell in my memory forever. She looked at me helpless, she whimpered, and then we got to know each other as she looked into my eyes….. I can’t wait to do this again!