Bradley Method of Childbirth

Why we chose this natural childbirth path

“Our reasons for choosing this method”

bradley method of childbirthThe Bradley Method of Childbirth was our first choice when choosing a childbirth class. If you’re like me, having your partner as involved as possible in the birth of your child is really important. For me, it was more than wanting him to share in the special moment of delivery – I wanted him to understand my pain and suffering! Both of us were determined to deliver our daughter naturally, and these things both led us to choose the Bradley method of childbirth.

The Bradley method emphasizes the importance of healthy babies, healthy women and healthy families
The method was first popularized by Dr. Robert Bradley in his book, “Husband-Coached Childbirth”. Fundamental to the Bradley birth philosophy is the belief that with adequate preparation and support from a loving, supportive coach (your partner), most women can naturally deliver their children. No drugs or surgery necessary!

Since the moment we first discovered that I was pregnant with our daughter, my husband and I were like sponges – we were committed to learning as much as possible about pregnancy and how I could best nourish and sustain our growing child. The Bradley method was really suited to us for these reasons – it is not simply a method of delivery, it’s an education.

The Bradley method emphasizes the importance of healthy babies, healthy women and healthy families. The Bradley method teaches women and their partners about exercise and nutrition so that they can get healthy during pregnancy and bring a healthier baby into the world. Bradley’s approach also encourages women and their partners to seek information from their health practitioners, allowing them to make informed decisions about pregnancy and birth.

Bradley birth classes are taught over a twelve week period, which is a little longer than some of the more traditional ante-natal classes. We really enjoyed our series of classes and found ourselves relaxed and encouraged by the small group of parents who shared the learning experience with us.

The actual birth techniques taught in preparation for a Bradley birth are simple and effective. They are based on the way the human body works during labor and show couples how to use relaxation and breathing techniques to manage the pain of a delivery. There is a really special recognition of the importance of the role of the birth coach in the Bradley approach. Your partner will learn how to be your advocate during the birth and how he can guide you through relaxation techniques when the big moment arrives.

We are so pleased to have chosen the Bradley method. Our daughter was born naturally and without the assistance of medication or surgery. I really believe that the birth experience was a lot less stressful and traumatic for me, my husband and our new baby than it would have otherwise been. We were totally prepared for the birth and my husband was thrilled to be playing an active role in the delivery. We are now armed with knowledge about nutrition, exercise and relaxation that we can integrate into our daily lives to ensure that our daughter remains as happy and healthy as she was when she burst into the world. Want to learn more about the Bradley Method of Childbirth? Bradley Method of Childbirth