Bringing your new baby home is an exciting day. It is one rich with joy and also thick with precaution.bringing home baby
There are a lot of things to worry about when you prepare to bring your new baby home. Many first
time parents will worry themselves over a multitude of factors based solely on the fact that this is new
to them. Worrying about baby’s first car ride is a concern that you can and should address long before
it’s time to leave the hospital. Here are a few tips on ways to give yourself peace of mind when leaving
the hospital with your new baby.

Tune it Up:

About a month prior to your due date you should schedule a general tune up for your car. Have the
mechanic check important factors like tire tread pressure and balance as well as having your fluids
checked. You should also ask them to make sure your brakes are in solid working order. An additional
service is to have your car battery measured for strength. You do not want to have your car battery die
and leave you stranded either on your way to the hospital to give birth or on the way home with your

Check It Out:

A few weeks before your due date you should schedule some time to go out to your car and play with
your new car seat and base. If possible, take a newborn sized baby doll with to complete this task. You
should work on a few techniques ahead of needing to put a live baby into a car seat. Important areas to
focus on include how to adjust the sizing of the traps and how to click and un-click the straps.

Most importantly though, you’re going to want to know how to install the quick release base and how
the car seat itself clicks into the base. You will want to be very familiar with this process ahead of time.
You will be feeling overwhelmed and confused enough as a new parent without the added stress of
understanding a car seat with your newborn already inside of it.

Ask for Help:

Once you think you’ve got the swing of things you should call your local fire department. Most offices
will offer free car seat checks to make sure your seat is installed correctly and that you know the best
ways to strap your newborn in. The added peace of mind you will get from hearing a professional tell
you that you are doing this correctly will be well worth the time you spend making and keeping that

For Winter Babies:

If you’re expecting a baby that will be born when the temperatures outside are colder then you have
additional preparations to make. These can generally wait until labor begins and you feel like it might be
time to head to the hospital. Remember to pack extra blankets not only for yourself, but also baby sized
blankets to bundle around your newborn for that first ride home. You’ll also want to make sure that you
have a warm knit hat for the baby to wear home. It is also a smart idea to have your spouse warm the
car up before transporting your newborn from the warm hospital to the waiting car for the ride home.
Newborns are still learning to moderate their own body temperatures and this jarring loss of ambient
heat can be quite startling to little babies.

Park Close:

When you arrive at home park as close to your house or apartment as possible. If an attached garage
is not an option, aim for a spot as close to your front door as possible. Many doctors will advise you to

keep the newborn inside for several more days to weeks in order to build antibodies and create a strong
immune system.

Finally, remember to relax. The world is a new place for your newborn and they will be able to sense
your fears. Try to enjoy these first few stressful days at home with your new addition as they will all too
soon be nothing but a memory.

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