Cherry Blossom Baby Blanket

I once had a young pregnant Mom ask me “what the heck and I going to do with all of these receiving blankets I get for gifts?” My answer was, you can’t have enough baby blankets! But that’s not what this blanket is about. The Cherry Blossom Baby is not a receiving blanket, I like to call it 4 blankets in one. My Cherry Blossom Baby blanket is the one I reach for most. We all have our favorite products for baby and this one is mine.

Arrving in a dainty understated bow, the one side of this blanket is a durable, insulating, protective printed side. Where the other side is this super lush and soft, comforting side. Yeah, it’s one of those soft feeling softies that make you want to rub it on your cheek and share you opinion with the person next to you. “Here! Feel how soft this is?”. The satin outer edge is what my little guy likes to put up to his nose when he’s snuggling with it. It’s getting the true 2 year old test and is passing with flying colors.

What I think sets this blanket apart is that is has the best features ( yes the blanket has features!! )

  • adorable print
  • share-able soft side
  • silky nose smelling edge
  • swaddling blanket
  • my son’s new “bankie”

Cherry Blossom Baby is a company run by a fellow Mom, who I love supporting. Another great story of someone making a product so great, that the demand for them turned into a successful business! Way to go Cherry Blossom Baby! Hip Chick Readers can receive a 20% discount with code# bb4cpg at checkout