Cozy Cocoon

Snug as a bug in a rug – that’s what your little one will be when you use the Cozy Cocoon! A Cozy Cocoon is what you might call a baby sock! It’s a small, stretchy sock into which you can tuck your infant. Once tucked inside, baby can still move his or her arms and feet, but the snug qualities of the Cozy Cocoon provide protection and comfort. If you’ve been intimidated by other swaddling wraps and their complicated folding requirements, you won’t believe how simple the Cozy Cocoon truly is. You won’t have to fumble with straps, snaps or Velcro. The sock description is an apt one because all you have to do is scrunch up the Cozy Cocoon and pull it up toward baby’s neck. It’s also much quicker and easier to use versus a more traditional (but complicated!) swaddling wrap. Made in the U.S.A., the organic cotton and Lycra blend is breathable yet flexible. And the non-restrictive neck is snug yet safe. Babies are naturally drawn to being wrapped up in a cocoon like this because the sensation is similar to the security of the mother’s womb. This wrapped-up state also helps to inhibit the Moro reflex, the so-called startle reflex, which all newborns experience. I’ve reviewed a lot of new baby products lately, but the Cozy Cocoon is clearly my personal favorite. I reviewed the organic natural cocoon and it was ultra soft and cozy! My newborn feels so secure and is very calm when I put him in his Cozy Cocoon. He actually does his crying when I take him OUT of his cocoon! This will be the gift I personally give as a newborn gift. The Cozy Cocoon! is designed and lovingly created by artist/designer/photographer/former model/illustrator and — most importantly and most recently — Mommy! Her mission is to create whimsical and beautiful products, the first being my choice as “favorite baby product.” It’s designed to encourage closeness and loving bonds between parent and baby. I am a huge fan and loyal shopper of Patricia’s fine product. Am I gushing? So what!