Crafty Baby Clutch Ball
This is my second product from Crafty Baby, I was such a fan of the nap pack that I was excited to try another of their products!

The Crafty Baby clutch ball is a unique toy for the active toddler in your life. This is a small softly padded ball that is the perfect fit for tiny little hands. The clutch ball measures 7 inches in diameter divided into 4 colorful sections for easy grasping. I love the added enclosed bell as it makes it easier to track my mobile toddler. Another reason I really liked this toy is the simplicity of it. The toys on the market nowadays are either made in China from plastic, and make the most annoying sounds that drive parents crazy. I love that this is promotes motor skills and fun all at the same time. This is also the age where it’s tough to find the perfect gift. The clutch ball is always a favorite and comes in the cutest patterns. My 12 month old made the perfect product tester and the clutch ball has become his favorite toy.

Crafty Baby prides itself on very well made, handmade products that are durable and washable! I urge you to check out the other products from Crafty Baby that include the nap pack, changing pads, bibs, blankets and much more! Not often to you find quality, care, and great customer service!