Crafty Baby Nap Pack

I love unique and useful products for my kids. How many moms have found it a challenge to make napping or rest time fun? That’s why I love the Nap Pack from Crafty Baby. This unique product is made from ultra soft fleece which is durable and washable. It’s basically a soft blanket with an attached pillow that makes for a great nap time accessory. The best part about the nap pack is that it is really large, measuring 48″ long and conveniently rolls up into it’s own carrying pack.

Another reason I love the nap pack is because it’s SAFE. Our family likes to travel and we all know how dirty hotel rooms can be, not to mention airplanes! This give me piece of mind knowing my daughter will be laying her head on a clean pillow! This also gives her a sense of familiarity in a strange place. The nap pack could also be a great comfort to a little one just starting in daycare or kindergarten and still needing familiarity and assurance. She especially loves it because she can curl up with a book and have quiet time. How fun is it to crawl into her tent with her nap pack and read her books. It’s her personal space with her comfy blankie and pillow.( I caught her tucking her babies into it last night.)

The nap pack is only one of the products available from Crafty Baby. All of the products at Crafty baby are offered in unique and adorable patterns, chosen with help from the whole family! This family based company is headed by a talented Mom who found the need for quality, durable and unique products. I think the crafty baby nap pack is a one of a kind product from a one of a kind mom! Visit Crafty Baby to see all the adorable colors and fabrics available!