Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow

Move over, Boppy — there’s a new pillow in town! I recieved this product to review right before the birth of my third child. I’m only sorry I didn’t find this pillow sooner. This nifty product is the Cuddoozle, and it combines two things I love: it was made by a fellow mommy and it supports breastfeeding. As many nursing moms know, the first few months of a newborn’s life are spent being attached to Mommy while nursing or bottlefeeding, or just being close to his or her favorite person (as it should be!). This handy pillow makes this feeding-and-bonding period much more comfortable and convienent. A new mom will find many other nursing pillows in the crowded baby-goods marketplace — and I have tried several! — but let me tell you why the Cuddoozle is my favorite: 1) The Cuddoozle is made from a “memory foam” material, which means it won’t sink or wear down. The Cuddoozle is both firm enough to keep its shape and also soft enough to cradle your precious baby. 2) If leaks or accidents happen, you’ll be “covered” by Cuddoozle! Tucked safely under the cute outer fabric, a waterproof cover protects the main pillow — a cool feature that sets the Cuddoozle apart from other nursing pillows. 3) The Cuddoozle sports a little pocket on its side, perfect for stowing a pacifier or other small objects. For me, the best part of this pillow is its considerable length, another difference-making feature setting it appart from other nursing pillows. I find that after nursing my son with the comfort of the Cuddoozle, he can roll gently onto his back and fall asleep, thus making an easy transition into his crib. I find that I also use the cuddoozle even when I’m not nursing. For example, it provides excellent arm support while cuddling him. The Cuddoozle was created by Margaret Norcott, a crafty mom who knew there was a better pillow to be had! Embracing both form and function, this former interior designer’s fabric choices for the Cuddoozle make her product doubly useful and beautiful. In addition, no mom will fail to appreciate the waterproof-protectant qualities of the expertly engineered Cuddoozle. I wish to say a personal “thank you!” to Ms. Norcott for making my life a little easier and MUCH more stylish!