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Soap Nuts

This was one of my most unique product reviews. I was intrigued by the idea of laundry nuts? What are laundry nuts? Well, they’re re-usable nut shells that you use as laundry detergent in your washing machine. They are 4-5 shells that are placed in a muslin bag and just tossed into your wash. I love the idea that they can be used for up to 5 loads. This is the offical description from the Demetria Organics Site:
Soap Nuts (also referred to as soap berries) are the fruit grown on the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. The shells of the berry contain a natural cleaning agent called saponin. When they come into contact with water and agitation occurs, the saponin is then released. Saponin is naturally low sudsing which makes this a perfect natural laundry detergent alterative for all washing machines including high efficiency machines.

I immediately loved the idea and just had to try them myself. Arriving much smaller than I thought, in a drawstring bag, that included about 4-6 nuts. The seemed pretty un-impressive at first. They didn’t have a strong odor, they were, literally nut shells. OK, off to try them out, I dropped them in, and then laughed at myself for checking on them several times? I didn’t notice as much “suds” with the soap nuts as with conventional detergents. But, suds don’t equal clean.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the sudsing agent that is used in conventional cleaners. You see, we as Americans dont’ think that a product is cleaning if it doesn’t have a rich lather. This chemical is widely used and has been known to be carcinogenic substance. Goingchemical free is not only a fad, it’s something every family should consider!

OK, my clothes did have a fresh scent, I wasn’t sure if it was detergent residue from my washer or residue that may have been in my clothes from before? But I liked it. They were clean, soft and they had no odors. If you wouldn’t have known that no detergent was used, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

So why is this such a good idea? Just think of the amounts of chemicals that go down our drains everyday and eventually end up in our water sources? These soap nuts are not only environmentally friendly, they’re safer and, hey? They’re pretty cool too!

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