There are some early pregnancy pains that you may not have heard much about. Not everyone has the same symptoms and no two pregnancies are alike.

If your curios as to what’s normal and what isn’t, always consult your caregiver!

Here are a few common early pregnancy pains.

Breast Soreness

Breast soreness may be one of the first symptoms you may experience. They’ll feel swollen, tender and they could be “itchy”

What you can do to help is wear a snug sports bra, even to bed. This soreness usually subsides around 10-12 weeks.


Constipation is another un welcomed symptom. This occurs during pregnancy because the peristalsis slows down due to the increase in progesterone.
To help with constipation, make sure you keep a diet high in fiber, increase your water intake and continue moving. Walking and normal activity can help, you know, get things moving.early pregnancy pains

Abdominal and Back Pain

Abdominal and back pain, in the form of quick sharp pains with movement, especially when moving or getting up. These are most likely ligament pain. While your uterus is expanding and growing heavier, there is an increased strain on the ligaments that support the uterus. Not to mention that progesterone can also cause some softening of ligaments during pregnancy.
To help with these types of pains, be sure to continue your normal activity. Continue to walk or keep doing your pre-pregnancy activities as directed by your caregiver. Also, some mild stretching activities may help.


Headaches during early pregnancy are also a common occurence. They happen because of the huge surge of hormones mostly. But they can also happen, as they did for me, from caffeine withdrawal, lack of sleep, fatigues and stress.

I always suggest staying away from any non prescribed medication during pregnancy, although some doctors will recommend Tylenol. Check with your caregiver before taking anything.

Also, try to avoid the triggers for a headache, if you feel stressed, try some deep breathing, neck rolls or hit up someone for a neck massage. Try taking a nap if you can. Always try to stay as hydrated as you can,

Some of these will help avoid a headache if caught early enough.
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