Eco Bumz

Cloth Diaper Review

Eco Bumz cloth diapers are as functional as they are beautiful. The material and workmanship of these diapers is outstanding. There are two different styles to choose from in two sizes.
Stay dry fleece
Organic Bamboo Velour

Sizes offered: 8-22 lbs and 20-45 lbs

The organic bamboo diaper is not only safer for baby, but is 60% more absorbent than cotton. This diaper really has to be seen to be appreciated. It’s amazingly soft and perfect for babies with sensitive skin because of bamboo’s purity.

The Eco Bumz are AIO’s but offer a pocket for extra stuffing.
I loved the sewn in soaker and find that this was all I really needed during the day. I did stuff the diaper at nighttime because my son is a very heavy wetter. The outer layer of the Eco Bumz is what sets it apart from other diapers or covers I’ve tried. It’s soft and effective, never did I have any wicking or leaking.

And right on cue, my son decided to break it in the first time he wore it and it laundered perfectly.

I think Eco Bumz are the best quality and softest AIO I’ve tried and I”m sure they’ll continue to be my favorite.

Eco Bumz were developed by a talented Mom who wanted the best for her son, and word spread about her amazing creation and thus was born “Eco Bumz”

Check out EcoBumz to see the adorable colors and read more about why cloth diapering is better for the earth and for your wallet!