ExpecTees Maternity

ExpecTees maternity tees stand out for one reason. Quality. These tees are made in the USA from 90% cotton and 10% lycra blend which makes them soft yet stretchy enough to cradle your bump without being too contstraining.
ExpecTees is also looking out for us and offering “transitional” tops for wear “after baby” I had the pleasure to review one of these transitional tops. I love the full length of these tees and how flattering this is for the post baby figure. With nursing and having a much larger top half, being able to have a well fitting top that takes that into consideration is awesome! Moms are so busy taking care of baby’s needs, we need this type of staple in our wardrobe to make us feel better about our bodies. I absolutely love this idea? I’ve had several favorite maternity tops that fit great, but it’s hard to wear a top that reads “pregnancy” when baby has already arrived. That’s why transitional baby wear is so smart and economical for today’s mom. You get the best of both worlds with ExpecTees Maternity Tees.
Dedicated to making the whole pregnancy experience one of laughter, celebration and style

Along with these unique transitional shirts, Expectees offers maternity tops with sayings such as “got baby”, “may contain nuts”, “practice makes pregnant” and other cutes saying! They even offer great tees for Dads.

“Dedicated to making the whole pregnancy experience one of laughter, celebration and style” That’s why Carrie and Rachel, founders of ExpectTees, thought they could bring a style and smiles to pregnancy fashion! They state their mission was started with good beer, good laughs and a little bit of courage! Support these charasmatic and creative moms! Visit ExpecTees Maternity !