Green ways to Save for your Baby


With a baby on the way every penny counts. At the same time, we all want to give our children the best planet we can. Some are able to make the larger life changes to help preserve our natural resources such as install solar panels or buy a hybrid. Some of us however are unable to make such large changes. If you still want to be able to contribute to the preservation of the planet, and save money, there are some free and inexpensive ways to go green while saving for the addition to the family. Here are a few ways to help:


Schedule errands back to back:

With gas prices as high as they are, taking care of your errands in one outing will help save the planet and your wallet. From shopping for onesies, to getting the nursery ready, there is a lot of travel involved in baby preparation. Plan out your errands for the day and get them all done while conserving gas.


Rent a hybrid:

Family loves to get together when a new child is coming. If you take a trip to allow your family to bask in your pregnant glow, renting a hybrid will help you do your part to conserve the earth. As well as being eco-friendly you will also enjoy the savings of the extended gas mileage, saving you money on your trip that you can put towards other expenses.


Read the news online:

Recycling is a great way to help save the earth, however if you read the news on the internet rather than getting a daily newspaper delivered, that will help save trees and money. Newspapers base their printing on the amount of subscribers. One less newspaper printed doesn’t seem like much, but 365 newspapers a year does. There is also the added bonus of saving on the subscription price.


Trade paper for cloth:

Instead of using paper towels and napkins, use cloth napkins and towels. Trees are a renewable resource; however the amount of time it takes for a tree to fully grow plays a huge part in renewing the resource. The fewer trees cut down, the more fresh air your baby can breathe.


Start a compost pile:

Millions of Americans enjoy gardening. Starting a compost pile will give you the fertilizer plants love while reducing the amount of trash in the landfills. This will not only help save the earth but also save you money on your next gardening project.


Lower the use of electricity:

There are many ways to save on electricity; however this can also save the planet. One of the worst side effects of pregnancy is hot and cold flashes. Turning the heat up and down uses a lot of electricity and can raise your bill. Bundle up before deciding to turn the heat up, keep your room temperature at a comfortable level, clean the coils on your refrigerator, and throw a couple of tennis balls in the dryer to speed up drying time and save on energy costs. These simple suggestions will also show progress on your electric bill.


Choose paperless billing:

Most companies are joining the green band wagon by offering paperless billing. Banks will also allow you to use e-checks to pay bills such as rent and credit cards. Utilizing these services will reduce the amount of paper mail and save a few trees.

green savings for baby Use reusable containers:

By using reusable storage containers, bags, and lunch carriers, you can reduce the amount of resources it takes in production of plastic and paper bags. It is also a great way to get others into eco-friendly living. Personalize your bags and containers so others will be inspired to do the same.


You don’t have to trade your entire way of life in order to help the environment, there wil be plenty of changes when the baby comes. By making small changes to your everyday routine, you can play a small part in conservation while saving money. Do your part to give your child a greener planet to grow up in.


London resident Samantha Hathaway is a financial consultant and a content contributor for Payday Loans, a company which helps you out with advance pay day loans when you need money before your paycheck comes in.