Making natural choices in parenting can really save you money. We’ve all heard the staggering statistics of what it Saving money by natural parentingcosts to raise a baby in these times. But did you know that making smarter choices not only saves you money, it is also healthier for your baby!

Breastfeeding saves money…BIG TIME

Not only is breastfeeding best for your baby, it also can take a huge chunk out of your wallet! I had no idea just how expensive baby formula really is! You can use a cheaper formula if you must, but the good stuff can be almost 90 bucks a container! Now that you’ve picked yourself up the floor! You can see how this is a huge expense! Not to mention the extra work you have to do just to warm a bottle! The middle of the night is not the time you want to be fumbling with hot liquids! Know what? Your breastmilk is always ready and always the perfect temperature! Okay, I know, this is a post about money and not breastfeeding. Moving on….
According to websites like KellyMom, formula feeding can run anywhere from 1k to 3k per year! WOW!

Cloth Diapering

Okay, cloth diapering has many benefits as well as saving money! According to Tiny Tush the cost of using brand name diapers can run over 2300 dollars from birth to potty training. The cost of cloth diapers can be more than half of that. Although this idea is controversial if you only have one child. The Simple Dollar has a great write up about this.

Baby Gear

I saw a great example of baby gear overload this past week. I know this isn’t true always, but it can be a a common occurrence. While watching my kids play in the sand at a local museum, I heard a baby crying and really pissed off! the Mom was pushing the baby in a ultra chic baby stroller. The baby didn’t seem to care about their “wheels” that must have cost over 1k. Along came a Mom slinging her baby in a Moby Wrap Babies are usually much happier being carried close to mom in a baby sling. Babywearing saves money! Not that you don’t need a stroller sometimes, but wearing you baby not only cuts down on crying, it’s great for bonding!

Crib? Why not co-sleep

With our first we headed to a high end baby shop, spent thousands on the new hip, Italian designed baby furniture, complete with crib and changing table. Our baby didn’t see that expensive furniture until a nap in her sixth month! Yeah, I’m sure she saw the value in that eh? Honestly, I know how fun it is to shop for these things, but a Pack N Play is all you really need. Or a co-sleeper. If used correctly these can last well into baby’s first year.
If you are questioning if co-sleeping is safe? Check out Eco Child’s Play article about co-sleeping. Co-sleeping is very safe, and can spare you not only sleep, but cash as well!

Visit Craigslist

You won’t believe the baby products you can find on Craigslist. Why not reuse and recycle and buy locally and save a buck or several! I sold most of my gently used baby gear on Craigslist.


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