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itzbeen product reviewThe Itzbeen is really awesome! Yup! I’m not the type of blogger who gets free “stuff” in return for a great review!
I really want to show you the best maternity and baby products out there!

This is one of those products that I HAD TO SHARE!

I recently visited a great friend and her newborn baby. I saw this nifty little contraption and just had to learn more! Here are my thoughts as to why it was created!

  • short term memory loss due to sleep deprivation
  • confustion due to sleep deprivation
  • cloudy head due to sleep deprivation
  • scatter-brains due to in-law visits
  • confusion— just because!

This Itzbeen timer is a great tool for new parents because it makes up when our brains give out. It’s an iphone sized timer / slash stopwatch keeper that helps you keep track of the last time you

  • fed the baby
  • changed the baby
  • put the baby down for a nap
  • what breast to use for the next feeding

It also comes with a soft glow nightlight and a clock built in.

If you don’t know what to get the Mom who has everything, I’d suggest this!
OH! And I love that it was invented by a stay at home dad!

Here is a video review!

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  1. Gee, thank you for sharing. I did not know that such a gadget exists. What I am using is a jokerbook where I note down all the timings together with an alarm clock. This Itzbeen is simply cool. Thank you.


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