Laboring under and illusion..

Mass Media Childbirth vs The Real Thing

documentary by Vicki Elson, MA, CCE

Have you ever seen a happy and serene birth on TV?

Have you ever taken notice of how the media portrays birth?

Have you ever thought about how much the media can sway public opinion?

These are all the things that went through my head while watching this amazing DVD.

Being a natural birth advocate, I am always skeptical of how birth is represented in the media. Just imagine the TLC or Discovery Health, using the background music and narration to subconsciously make us feel a visceral response to what’s happening on the screen. I will be the first to say that I used to watch those shows religiously and saw just about every episode of most of them. I was addicted to birth and I was getting my fix from television.

Is wasn’t until I got pregnant myself and started doing so real research (instead of passivly watching medical shows) that I realized just how much my brain was being twisted. Having expressed my attitude toward cable shows, I did love the “house of babies” show that took place in a Miami birth center.

In the general population of women, the common thought of birth is to have a managed birth.

In the general population of women, the common thought of birth is to have a managed birth. I’m not here to preach about what type of birth is best (although you are reading a natural website) the point I want to make is that the media’s influence on women is alive and strong. And it’s NOT postive by any means

This video dives into how negative birth is portrayed and makes you sit back as a viewer and really think about the impact of this. Vicki Elson has found the most outstanding and funny clips of birth in modern television. From sitcoms to movies and to reality shows. She provides a common sense approach to how we as s society need to think for ourselves and not be pulled by the media in this delicate and empowering event.

I would hope that this would start a conversation, and dialog about how birth can, believe it or not, be a beautiful and doesn’t have to occur in 4 minutes and can also be accomplished without cursing out your husband while pleading for an epidural..

Shocking, I know.
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