You’re swollen, bloated, and sore, but you are beautiful. Pregnancy gives a woman a glow and a presence that can inspire those around them. You may feel less than perfect during your maternity however, there is a way to turn your self-image around and start enjoying your pregnancy. Maternity photography started as a niche but has evolved into an art form, a business and a therapeutic method of improving self-image.

It is obvious that a woman’s body goes through changes during pregnancy. It is even more obvious that some women are affected emotionally by those changes. Other than hormones, a woman’s self-image is lowered during pregnancy. During this time it is not uncommon for a woman to feel less attractive, unwanted, and in some cases, disgusting. For some women it is hard to see past the belly to the true beauty of pregnancy. That is why there are many benefits to having you photographed during pregnancy. Here are a few reasons why you should consider having a maternity photo shoot.

See the Real YOU!

We all fall victim to self-image. During our most uncomfortable and less than primped times, we may even exaggerate our flaws. When you have a maternity photo shoot you get the opportunity to see the true beauty that your pregnancy brings with it. The glow of a pregnant woman lights up the lives of those around them even if the mother-to-be doesn’t see it herself. Shake off the doubt of how attractive you are and allow the camera to show the real you. After all, the camera doesn’t lie.

There are photographers that specialize in maternity photography. Some utilize natural and artificial light to accentuate the curves and beauty of pregnant women. Others may use airbrushing techniques to find the inner beauty. Regardless of how you want to be portrayed, there is a photographer whose only interest is to make you see the beauty of pregnancy

Archiving for the future:

As our children grow, we enjoy showing them pictures and mementos of when they were babies. Why stop at baby booties and umbilical cords. Showing your child how beautiful you two were together can bring you closer. It is also a great way to slowly slide into the conversation about where babies come from. Sharing the joy of your pregnancy and remembering carrying your child can instill a sense of accomplishment and tenderness during times when the terrible twos set in.

Bring the Pregnancy to Reality:

There are times, especially with unplanned pregnancies, where the mother-to-be doesn’t truly believe it is happening. Whether the denial is just a symptom of an underlying problem or just so much of a surprise that the reality just hasn’t sunk in yet, maternity photography can help to bring it to reality. The images of her growing, glowing, and carrying her unborn child can help a mother connect with the unborn baby. In turn, it can help the mother take better care of herself, prepare herself and the home for the addition, and even start the emotional bond she will need to have to care for her child.

Support Local Business and the Niche:

Maternity photography is an art form. However, it is also a business for someone else. Most maternity photographers are small business owners, mothers, or artists that see the beauty in bringing life into the world. They are usually freelance photographers, hobbyists, or may have just started out in the field and are trying to build their portfolios. These photographers work towards bringing the beauty out of people and places. Supporting their craft, business, and their niche, will assure it strives for future mothers-to-be.

If you are having doubts about yourself or the pregnancy, seeing the true beauty creating life brings with it may lay it all to rest. Knowing you are giving another person a chance to live and experience life may help you come to grips with the reality of it. Bringing another life into the world and offering unconditional love is something only a mother can do. Choose whether maternity photography can help you see the real you as you carry your child. Pregnancy is beautiful, let the world see it.

Author Tony Pomilia also enjoys writing for Brainz, an interesting website that suggests we learn something new, then share it.