Why Natural childbirth you ask?

Are you intersted in having a natural childbirth? Curious as to why women choose to forego medication and choose a natural childbirth?

Bringing a child into this world naturally is an amazing experience and something you are more than capable of doing. All you need is the knowledge and the passion

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You know what? You can do it and I’ve provided the tools here for you to achieve your goal. Not sure if this “natural chilbirth thing” is for you? Read on and discover why women choose natural births and the health benefits of natural birth.

Having a Natural Childbirth is not a passing fad or something only hippies do, it’s a growing trend with modern women who are tired of the contstraints of a typical managed birth. This is your chance to have the birth experience you will treasure. I know you can do it!

Natural childbirth is re-emerging slowly as women are becoming more educated. Birthing with a midwife and without medication was the norm until the “medicalization”of childbirth began. When these doctors stepped in, they took the place of the midwives and made childbirth out to be a medical procedure that needed attended to by a doctor in a hospital. The presence of family and a support system were taken away and laboring women were taken to the hospital to labor alone, and persuaded to use medication to take away their pain. This actually took away any feeling, and kept women in the hospital bed unable to move around, and with some, unable to even move their legs. Yes, nowadays, with the modern epidural and analgesics for pain management, women can still feel somewhat, but no medication is 100% safe for the baby. And quite often, the epidural either doesn’t work or it only works on one side. There are also many side affects an epidural can have for Mom and for the baby. Using these medications increases a woman’s chance of having a C-section. It is almost like a domino effect. When a woman receives an epidural it can slow her labor, when the labor slows, she is given yet another medication to speed the labor back up which in turn can affect the baby’s heart rate and can also affect the Mother’s blood pressure. Do you see where I am going with this?

Why Start Taking Meds Now?

Weren’t you told throughout your pregnancy not to take certain medications or drugs? You have taken such good care of yourself and made sure to go to all of your pre-natal visits. You have taken your pre-natal vitamins, you drank extra water,why? To keep your baby growing healthy and happy right? So, why is it that the second you go into labor, it’s all of a sudden OK to take drugs?

“I don’t want to be in pain, or feel anything”

Giving birth is a beautiful experience. Not heard that one very often I bet? When most women talk to each other, all they talk about is how bad it hurt and how horrible childbirth is. I personally heard all the stories (everyone tells you their labor stories when they see you are pregnant ) I was also laughed at when I expressed my desire for a natural childbirth, I think I wanted a natural childbirth just to prove them all wrong! If you go into your labor with a mind set of going naturally, you’ve won half the battle. I am not going to tell you it doesn’t hurt, every woman describes it differently. But there are tools and techniques to help.

You have the tools you need

In this site you will find the tools and the resources you need to make the decisions that fit you best. I don’t think that homebirthing is right for everyone and no one expects you to go out into the woods and squat out a baby, this site is for the modern mom to learn and at least KNOW that there ARE choices and you CAN do it! “When we know better,,,, we do better”

Just keep in mind that this is YOUR birth experience and you DO have choices!
Giving birth is an awesome privilege we have as women. Being able to take control of your birth and make the choices YOU want to make as an educated woman is something I guarantee you won’t regret. The pride you get when you have a natural delivery is something you will treasure for the rest of your life!

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