Natural Childbirth Manifesto

Natural Childbirth Manifesto according to Heather Hill

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  • realize just how lucky you are to be able to get pregnant, think about the countless number of women who are unable to conceive
  • with the great privilege of being pregnant comes the great responsibility of giving your utmost attention and respect to your body, your child, and the world into which you will bring it
  • spend time being alone with yourself, hands on belly, getting to know that growing inside of you is a magical gift, one that you’ve created.
  • once you are pregnant, you have a huge responsibility to educate yourself. Now that you know your life is now giving life to another spirit, you must take that responsibility very seriously
  • don’t forget that child, safe in your womb, is trusting you to make the best decisions you know how for your pregnancy, birth and that some of these choices you make now may impact that new person for the rest of their life
  • if you haven’t already, learn to listen to your intuition
  • if you haven’t already, learn to act on your intuition
  • if you don’t know this already, learn the biology of childbirth
  • if you haven’t already, watch childbirth videos
  • make your partner watch birth videos with you
  • get inspired by reading other birth stories
  • trust that your body knows how to give birth
  • find a caregiver that you trust and can relate to, one that understands your wishes
  • find a doula
  • enjoy every movement your baby makes in your belly, you will soon yearn for that feeling again
  • don’t try to rush your pregnancy, it’s a magical time
  • revel in your newly round body
  • take lots of pictures of yourself, you are at your most beautiful right now
  • notice and appreciate all of your new body changes
  • notice how your breasts are preparing to nourish your child
  • read all you can about breastfeeding
  • make a pact to yourself to breastfeed
  • know all of your birth options
  • make sure your wishes are followed through
  • find someone to help you make sure your wishes are followed through
  • try to be present during birth, easily said
  • try not to tense up during labor
  • revel in the amazing miracle you are part of
  • trust in your body
  • honor your body
  • know your body
  • remember the exact moment the baby touches your skin
  • bring that baby right up to your skin
  • SMELL your baby
  • feel the warmness of their body
  • soak in the moment
  • wrap your arms around that baby
  • let your partner wrap their arms around you and your baby
  • protect your baby
  • look into your baby’s eyes, the first few minutes after birth is the most awake your baby will be
  • take notice that the movements your baby makes in your arms, are the same movements you remember in your belly
  • close your eyes, take in the feeling of that warmth, the smell and your feeling of relief.
  • Remember that moment, store it in your memory bank for the rest of your life
  • touch your baby
  • memorize your baby
  • nourish you baby
  • keep your male baby whole and intact
  • keep that baby in your arms as much as possible
  • watch your partner holding your baby. see that partner in this new light for the first time
  • be proud of what you were able to accomplish, you deserve it
  • spread the love

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