Watch this graphic video of how natural childbirth really looks


“I just wanted to say that, the natural childbirth video? It was easily one of the most incredible birth videos I’ve ever seen. The music fit the seemingly calm but expectant mood of the video; it further reinforced my belief that the beauty of new life is unfathomable, at least to me; and when the mother reached down to touch her baby, I felt like crying. Thank you so much for sharing it.”

– Silas

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Giving birth is a beautiful experience. Not heard that one very often I bet? When most women talk to each other, all they talk about is how bad it hurt and how horrible [tag]childbirth[/tag] is. I personally heard all the stories (everyone tells you their labor stories when they see you are pregnant ) I was also laughed at when I expressed my desire for a natural childbirth, I think I wanted a natural childbirth just to prove them all wrong! If you go into your labor with a mind set of going naturally, you’ve won half the battle. I am not going to tell you it doesn’t hurt, every woman describes it differently. But there are tools and techniques to help. Enjoy this natural childbirth video, this is a real view of how childbirth looks.  It’s surprising how many people have never seen a real childbirth. Learning about your body and what your body is capable of is key to achieving the birth you want!

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