Online Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Education via Computer or Phone

Looking for online childbirth classes? I’ve found the best resources for your to educate and be inspired! These online childbirth classes are a great way for those who cannot observe classes in their area or those who are unable to attend. Getting support you need is so important in Natural Childbirth! Visit these sites to see what works for you.
Your Pink Kit Package is a multi-media resource. This resource is designed for absolutely ALL expectant parents as a skills-based tool to prepare for childbirth. You will learn how to: Prepare a pregnant body for childbirth Gain skills together for your two important roles: birthing and coaching. Use your skills in any birth you have … including elective caesarean delivery The benefits of being a skilled mother or father-to-be are immeasurable. Know … absolutely … how to work with your baby’s endeavours to come out of your pregnant body into your parenting arms. Feel empowered by your abilities Reduce any doubt you have about ‘how to birth or coach’ Have wonderful birth memories for Life and a great birth story you are proud of. Want to learn more? The Pink Kit

Baby Steps

Baby Steps was formed by three mothers with training and experience as childbirth educators and doulas. As students during our own first pregnancies, we realized how little clear, evidence-based information is readily available to parents-to-be. We have taken our combined knowledge, mixed with a lot of hard work and love, to create a group of classes for new parents. Whatever you want your birth experience to be, we have a class for you that is open, honest, and well-researched.
Baby Steps was founded with the knowledge that women are individuals, and what is right for one may not be right for another. It is our mission to provide evidence-based information to all women regarding pregnancy, birth, and parenting. We do not advocate any particular choice, only that parents be given all of the information they need to decide what is right for themselves.
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