Oopsie Loopsie

waistband extender

The Oopsie Loopsie is one of those hit your hand on your head products that you didn’t know you needed. Let alone, did you know that someone already thought of this and had it made!

The cute name catches your eye, but the unique band, catches your pants from falling down.

The Oopsie Loospie is technically a “waistband extender”. It allows you to wear your buttoned pants as long as possible during pregnancy (and after).
It’s an elastic loopy that allows you to keep your pants closed but is forgiving enough to be comfortable. Just thread it through your buttonhole to the desired legnth and go.

I’m not pregnant, but I am one of the gazillion women who have pants in their wardrobe that would take a vice to get buttoned. I tried it one night over a long shirt and I was good to go. I was really comfortable. I was also pleasantly surprised at the ease of looping it during bathroom breaks! That’s a must for our preggo moms.

loopsieI think you all should check out oopsieloopsie and get a set. Just promise not to pull out those holy high school jeans.. k?

Oh yeah, you can purchase one of these Oopsie Loopsies with this link!

Enjoy and don’t forget dessert!