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Breastfeeding from Cows: New Milk to Mimic Human Breast Milk

Breastfeeding from Cows: New Milk to Mimic Human Breast Milk
There has always been a debate between breastfeeding, formula feeding and cows milk. Studies have always shown that breast milk is superior to cow’s milk for child development. But what if you can purchase a substitute to breast milk in your local grocery store?
In a new [...]

Braxton Hicks | What are Braxton Hicks and what do they feel like?

What are Braxton Hicks Contractions and What do They Feel Like?
“Thank you so much for this article! I now know the difference between real labor and Braxton Hicks!”


When a woman is pregnant she can experience a variety of contractions.  Depending upon what point in time the pregnancy is the contractions could mean different [...]

Finding the Perfect Doula

I gave birth the first time without a doula. This was unwise. I thought about hiring a doula, but we were strapped for cash, and I figured my husband could handle the coaching duties. This assumption was unwise. He, bless his heart, was absolutely useless.
And my labor didn’t exactly go as perfectly planned. When things [...]

Prenatal Yoga | Happy Pregnancy with Yoga Practices

Nowadays, everyone knows yoga benefits and the number of yoga practitioners is increasing on a daily basis across the world. Even though, regular practitioners can experience various yoga benefits in life. Yoga practice is the ideal exercise for pregnant women. Various yoga techniques can be practiced before, during and after pregnancy. Women can experience many [...]

Women Giving Childbirth Videos

While watching women giving childbirth may be something many people have a hard time doing. It really is the best way to learn about what actually happens during birth.
Many of these videos are representations of managed birth, knowing about what you want, and what you don’t want is key. You can learn a lot from [...]

Reader Question | How I Handled Labor Pain

This is a common question among women considering natural childbirth.
Carla posted a comment on the natural childbirth videoHer actual question was “Can you tell me how you psyched yourself through the pain?”
This is a hard question because everyone has a different definition of pain, and a different tolerance for pain. I’ll speak from my own [...]