There are a lot of changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. Some of the changespregnancy and car sickness
actually stop you from doing the things you love and things you need to do. Riding in the car is one of
those things that shouldn’t be affected, unfortunately is. Motion sickness, especially car sickness, is one
of the side effects of pregnancy that affects your everyday life and chores. From doctor’s appointments
to shopping, pregnancy is a busy time and most women can’t afford to let the discomfort of car sickness
stop them from living.

Morning sickness is believed to disappear after the first trimester. However in some, the morning
sickness just stays and adapts. This will include motion sickness. Motion sickness occurs when the
internal sense of balance is disrupted by the constant motion of a car, plane or boat. The feeling of
queasy and nausea is common throughout pregnancy so pregnant women are more susceptible to car
sickness. With most women constantly on the move, this can be a hassle. There are many ways to battle
the sickness. By eating dry crackers, sucking on lemons, drinking cinnamon tea and even opening the car
window while driving can help with the sickness.

Sometimes the car sickness is needs more than that. With so many restrictions on medications, it is hard
to determine what is safe for you and your baby during pregnancy. There are however medicines for
motion sickness that are safe, but like most things, you should consult with your doctor before taking
any type of medication. If you choose to keep your pregnancy natural and shy away from over the
counter and prescription drugs, there are ways to keep motion sickness to at bay.

Limiting the amount of driving will be one of the most effective ways to battle car sickness. If you have a
day of errands ahead of you, take a few minutes to prioritize and create a route. Going from one end of
town to the next, just to find yourself back across town again will add opportunity for motion sickness. If
you know where you have to go, plan the closest stop first and work your way across town. This will give
your stomach a chance to settle and the end result is a non-stop trip home.

Another way to fight the sickness is with fresh air. If you are driving, keep your window open and let
the fresh air in. Stale air can add to motion sickness making it uncomfortable and unpleasant. Keeping
crackers with you will also help in situations where you can’t stop and is one of the best ways to settle
an upset stomach.

If you are riding in the car, sit in the front seat rather than the back. You are more likely to feel the
circulating air in the front. This also makes it easier to concentrate on the horizon ahead of you or a
distant object rather than watching the blur of buildings and people you pass, which will help keep your
inner balance.

Don’t try to read while in the car. Reading, working on crosswords, texting, or writing will make your
body more prone to the movement of the car. This will increase your chances of motion sickness. Keep
your eyes straight, talk to the driver, and concentrate on anything in front of you to keep yourself

If you are taking a long trip, don’t eat a heavy meal beforehand, stop every hour to stretch your legs,
bring back circulation and let your stomach settle. This is also a great time to enjoy a light snack or lunch
so you’re not traveling on an empty stomach. You will also want to carry a bottle of water in the car
with you. During your stops you may want to get fresh water as stale water can increase nausea.

Whether you are going around town or out of town, car and motion sickness can be a hassle when
pregnant. Take the time to pack a care package for when you are in the car. Even with the many ways
to settle your queasy stomach, sometimes motion sickness gets the best of you. Pack a change of
clothes, plastic bags and moist towelettes just in case. But above all, don’t let motion sickness ruin the
wonderment of pregnancy.

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