Nowadays, everyone knows yoga benefits and the number of yoga practitioners is increasing on a daily basis across the world. Even though, regular practitioners can experience various yoga benefits in life. Yoga practice is the ideal exercise for pregnant women. Various yoga techniques can be practiced before, during and after pregnancy. Women can experience many advantages throughout their pregnancy and even after their delivery. There are special asanas and special poses that can be practiced effectively to ensure normal and reduced pain during delivery.

Important Yoga Benefits for Pregnant Women


The main importance of pregnancy yoga is that it allows the body to adjust depending on the physical demands of pregnancy. This is because, pregnant women undergo various physical, psychological changes, which can be controlled to extend without causing any harm to the women and the child in the womb. The practice of yoga can soothe and relax all muscle tensions in the body creating a better physical condition during and after delivery. Another important yoga benefits is its ability to control the mind and body to calm from changing emotions that occurs due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy. It is the ultimate exercise to attain peace of mind and relaxation during the tough stages of pregnancy.

Practicing the yoga-nidra regularly creates better and constructive conditions in the fetal development and growth. The relaxationprenatal_yoga it gives the practitioner cannot be provided by any other means. Mothers who practice yoga regularly would always appear strong and healthy physical and mental without any discomfort. As you would know, the importance of psychological strength is very crucial in this stage. Apart from that, the yoga practice makes the body more flexible and makes the ligaments more elastic enabling them to adjust too many positions in labour. Women who have practiced yoga can have minimum pain during labour. It stimulates the circulation and stabilizes with adequate fluid retention.

The sudden increase in body weight might cause various medical problems for mothers and in that case, yoga practice can ease most of the problems such as posture and back problems. Yoga is the only practice that teaches women to adjust to new situations and body conditions without worrying for anything and encouraging body awareness and breath. The postnatal yoga is almost started within six weeks after the delivery. The postnatal exercises are to improve the physical body condition by strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Let us see some of the yoga benefits women experience during pregnancy:

• Healthy and Fit Pregnancy
• Preparing for Labor
• Natural Child Birth
• Optimal Baby Positioning
• Decrease Back Pain
• More Room for Baby
• Less Stress for Mom
• Pelvic Floor and Kegel Exercise
• Stronger Immune System

Even though, numerous yoga benefits can be experienced during pregnancy, women should perform the exercises carefully. While performing hard poses or asanas, it is wise to perform them in the presence of a yoga instructor to ensure the practice does not harm the mother and child.


photo credit – lululemonathletica – flickr