Punkin Seed

Personalized Baby Products

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Then I say, “a package is worth a thousand words”. The presention of these adorable products was more than impressive. This included a gift box that was an adorable green cirle pattern, wrapped in a matching bow. Don’t you just love NOT having to wrap your gift? ( I’m not one to keep all occasion wrapping paper around my house!) This led to high expectations of the punkin seed products. I was happy to see that the products matched the quality of the packaging. I received an assortment of personalized gifts. The first item, a bib, was as high quality as I’ve seen anywhere. You don’t really think about being choosy about bibs until that yogurt is sliding down the chin about the land on the last clean shirt you own for your little one. Just try wiping her face with those plastic bibs? Also, this cute little bib could be worn with a matching outfit for those high saliva teething days too. Mine was adorned with a cute baby cow.

The second item was an oversized washcloth even softer than the bib. This was a cheery fushia with an orange trim.( personalized with my daughter’s name also.) This could easily be used as a burp cloth. I’m not sure I’d get this wet as cute as it is! But it is so soft, I would recommend this for newborns. I may have to find some towels to match it so that I can display it.
The third item was an adorable burp cloth that would be a shame to soil! It’s personalization is accented with colorful embroidered flowers that is cheery and bright. These are all very useful products but could also be heirlooms to present as gifts or for yourself.
My overall impression of the Punkin Seed products are that quality is most important. Some companies that personalize depend on the personalization ONLY to sell the product. What Punkin Seed does is find the highest quality products and then tops it off with adorable personalization.
Their site also carries other cute baby gifts. Looking for a site to find that “unique” baby gift? Check out Punkin Seed.com