The First 8 Days of Being a Mom

first 8 days of being a momHow many bowel movements should my newborn have? How often should I breastfeed my baby? Why is my daughter’s stool so black? What will I expect the first 8 days? These questions are probably the most commonly asked questions by every new Mom. The First 8 Days of Being a Mom answers those questions in the most simple, straightforward and blunt way. I loved reviewing this book and have absolutely put this on my list of “must haves” for the new Mom!

I like to think of it as “cliff notes” for the newborn. The most unique quality of this book is the lack of it, it’s a “right to the point” workbook that covers those aspects in 65 pages. Laid out in an easy to read and easy to follow outline starting from labor and finishing up with awesome easy to follow steps of changing a diaper, preparing a bottle, bathing your newborn and a very well explained section on breastfeeding. These steps include great photographs that make it very easy to follow.

Inside The First 8 Days of Being a Mom you will also find tips and information about how to take care of yourself, what you may expect to feel and a really helpful section to write some notes about how you are feeling and information you may want to keep or remember about those first precious 8 days.

I loved this book because of the respect given to the different choices. Whether you choose to have a hospital birth, a natural birth or a homebirth, you will find the information you need for the choice you have made. The same choices and respect are given for bottle vs breastfeeding. The last part of the book offers wonderful websites to continue on your research and education of expecting your new little arrival!

This book is a translated version of a Dutch original. In the Netherlands, a woman has the option to have a nurse visit the mother and answer the questions of a new Mom. Gea Meijering also thought this would be helpful to Mother’s in the US. I thank her for providing us such a gift.
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