Is putting your newborn to sleep stressing you out?

newborn sleeping tipsI found this great video from Mamanatural about how to put your newborn to sleep.

These tips work for this one simple fact. The first few months of a newborns life should be thought of as the fourth trimester. Think about it, your baby has been encased in your warm, dark, noisy womb for the past 9-10 months. They’re used to feeling the motion of you walking, moving and doing normal activities. Some moms even participate in vigorous exercise late into pregnancy.

Keeping that in mind, think about what would calm your baby if they were still in the womb.

  • tight space-this is why the swaddling is so important
  • noise-your body is noisy, from heartbeat, to swooshing, to outside noises
  • motion-your body was in motion for on average 16 hrs per day

This is why providing a similar environment to being in the womb is most calming for your newborn.

Check it out, and check out MamaNatural too!

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