Aside from being a childbirth advocate, I am also a techie at heart!

I love finding unique apps and resources for my readers. This app, from MJH apps is one of those hit you over the head ideas that I wish I would have had. What it is, is an app that gives you an opportunity to watch your body change as your pregnancy progresses. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture your memories of pregnancy.

watch me change pregnancyWhat the app does is give you a reminder to take a photo of yourself every day. Then it keeps them stored (or you can also store them in your camera roll) and then creates a moving timeline of your changing body. You can set it to music, set the time each picture shows, and then you can upload it to your email, YouTube or Facebook to share. You can even export it in HD mode.

It’s simple to use, with an easy interface and helpful answers right inside the app.

There are several versions of this app, one is for pregnancy, one is for weight loss, and one is for faces. I suggest you get the pregnancy one, and then continue on to the faces one to keep track of your newborn. We all know how fast our little ones change and what an amazing way to track their growth!

I think this is a fantastic app, and you can get the full version for .99 cents. If you just want to try it out, then there is also free versions of all the apps.

Personally, I’m buying the faces apps for all three of my kids. Now if I could just slow them down to take a photo, then we’re all set!

** I did get this app complimentary for this review, but I am head over heels in love with this and really wish I’d had this when I was pregnant!

There is a video guide to watch here Watch Me Change- Pregnancy

*** When I get enough footage of my Watch Me Change – faces app for my kids, I’ll post a preview!