Why I decided to Go the Viacord Way for my Cord Blood Banking

Why did I choose Viacord? After I decided to preserve my baby’s cord blood, the question I faced was: What company could I trust to preserve the blood? I wanted a company that was an industry leader in the area of scientific research. Reputation was also important to me.

For me, the choice became clear when I learned about Viacord. The company’s parent company, ViaCell, stands out as a biotech industry leader for its intensive research.

And then there’s the human touch. Needless to say, I had a million questions when I began this process. So when I called the company with my questions, the Viacord representatives I dealt with impressed me with their depth of knowledge, sincere conviction and a plain old-fashioned sense of customer service. I marveled at the way Viacord treated me as a truly valued customer, not just another unit of blood that would end up in their cryogenic freezers.

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